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Stop sending boring emails

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Standing out in a sea of typical Safety clothing does not seem too exciting, and the thought of stuffing people’s inboxes with pictures of yellow vests and tacky clip art seems like a recipe for creating spam. Reliable asked us to develop an email marketing strategy, and we were up for the challenge. When reviewing […]


Fix your email marketing: Why your monthly newsletter needs to die!

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When you see an invitation to join an organization’s monthly email, what is your response? If the word “groan” came blazing across your mind, then I would suggest it is time to make some changes to your email marketing program. Is the monthly newsletter idea dead? Nope, but calling it a monthly newsletter or putting those words […]


3 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Strategy Sucks and How to Fix it

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Email marketing is not an exact science. What works for some might not work for others. There are some things that are doomed to hurt everybody’s email marketing strategy. Here are three we still see committed with some regularity. 1. You call it a newsletter Including the word “newsletter” in your email subject lines decreases the […]


How to Grow Your Email List

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Have you ever gone to a business event to meet new people in your industry? You bring a few business cards, and you are excited to make new connections and friends. The day after the event you hit your inbox to discover you’ve been added to somoene’s email list. It is annoying because it breaks a social contract we […]