What can we do for you?

Identify the core value of your brand

Determine which communication channel will get you the best results

Increase engagement with your target audience

Raise more money with your direct mail program

Develop lead generation programs

Create powerful brand experiences

Channel Balancing

Spire2’s Channel Balancing will provide you a roadmap of how to better leverage all the ways an organization connects with their donors, customers, or prospects.

This process will end that internal voice that keeps saying, “You are not taking advantage of all the new ways to communicate.” It will give you more confidence to let go of things that are not working, help you prioritize where you should spend your limited time and resources, and likely will help you choose to do less so that you can get better results. Learn more about Channel Balancing.

Brand Mapping

Do you want to become more visible to the right customers? Do you want to connect emotionally with your target audience to gain trust, build loyalty, and overcome their roadblocks?

Whether you want to build a stronger donor base or increase your sales this branding process will help you uncover what is most authentic about your brand and develop a brand roadmap to guide your organization in crafting a magnetic brand experience. Contact us to learn more about Spire2’s Brand Mapping Process.