Channel Balancing for Non-Profits

Stop wondering.
Start knowing.

Channel Balancing for Non-Profits

Spire2’s proprietary service…

  • Ends the internal voice that is always wondering if your communication is effective
  • Increases confidence to let go of what is not working
  • Prioritizes what will lead to the biggest ROI
  • Reduces your communication workload by repurposing content across channels

Too often organizations are trapped in the urgent

  • Too busy getting communication done and just repeating what was done in the past
  • Doing too much (emails, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, video) which results in doing things poorly
  • Executing what is most “fun” to do instead of prioritizing communication that gets the biggest ROI
Communication channels

We live in communication overload

Podcasts, emails, social media, video, direct mail. These are all channels to reach your audience. A quick web search will yield a host of screaming voices telling you a particular channel will get you the best results, and when the cost of entry is often minimal, non-profits have a hard time saying no — especially to centers of influence who want to see a particular channel utilized.

What you receive with
Spire2’s Channel Balancing

We will walk key staff through our six-step process. At the end, Spire2 will provide a channel guide. Included in the guide is a situation analysis with strengths and weakness, and specific recommendations and ideas on how to better reach your audiences, how to do more with less, maximize your reach, and better utilize print and digital communication.

So if you feel you have limited resources and too much to do, want to know what communication should be prioritized, want assurance that you don’t have to do everything, or need to see the big picture of your communication program from an outside perspective, Channel Balancing is the right solution. Pricing is based on the size of your communication program.

Stop wondering. Start knowing.

Channel Balancing was developed by Jeffery James who has been working with nonprofits for over 30 years. For almost 20 years, Jeffery has led Spire2 in helping clients stay on top of the every changing landscape of marketing in a digital age. We understand the unique dynamics of nonprofit communication and changing landscape of fundraising. We are highly practical and care about results as much as design and recognize move.