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When more means more.

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Many non-profit still produce newsletters, but are frustrated or resigned to getting mediocre results. Some people think print is not effective in fundraising, but in 2023 our 8-page direct mail appeals for the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church on average generated 187% more than their standard letter-sized direct mail appeals. […]

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Rethinking direct mail in a digital age – super charge your next direct mail campaign

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Direct mail is a tried-and-true method for engaging with your prospective and current donors. With less competition in people’s physical mailboxes, it has proved itself resilient in the midst of the explosion of digital communication. However, it requires investment, good list management and a growing list. And like any communication channel — it requires frequency. […]

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It is not about you.

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It is not enough to tell people what you do. Site visitors care about something much more important. Note: This case study highlights the importance of understanding what motivates people to act. After ten years Compumation recognized their website looked old, but they didn’t know where to begin. Since they were not making a strategic […]

Who killed your website?

Should your website deliver leads?

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I have had three conversations in the last month with people who aren’t receiving any leads from their sites. The shocking thing is that two of them were okay with these results. I am in the midst of designing a website for a successful business who never received leads from their current site. Generating leads […]

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Stop sending boring emails

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Standing out in a sea of typical Safety clothing does not seem too exciting, and the thought of stuffing people’s inboxes with pictures of yellow vests and tacky clip art seems like a recipe for creating spam. Reliable asked us to develop an email marketing strategy, and we were up for the challenge. When reviewing […]