Website design for financial advisory group

By | October 22, 2016

Timothy Financial Counsel’s website had been serving them well for years. But they knew they wanted a refresh and we were faced with the following question:

How do you improve a site that is working just fine?

We simplified the design to better highlight their unique position in the financial planning industry. We also added interactive content in the form of survey results – highlighting customer satisfaction while working within strict industry restrictions around testimonials.

Website development for financial advisors

The fees page highlights their core service levels and pricing based on their clients’ unique situations. From there, the user is introduced to the advisor they will be working with.

Marketing Consultancy, Simon-Kutcher & Partners, describes our presentation of Timothy Financial’s fees as a “work of art”, “displayed with a boldness and clarity that not only contrasts starkly with the coy reticence of 99% of planning firms, but also takes advantage of a hugely important opportunity to link price to value.” Read more here.

website design and content strategy for financial planners

Responsive website design for financial planning firm

Diane Cody
Diane Cody
Diane joined the Spire2 team as a graphic designer in 2010. She loves to solve problems through design and is passionate about building marketing campaigns that perform across all platforms.