A Custom Web Experience for Financial Planning Group

By | November 8, 2022

We have worked with Timothy Financial for over twenty-four years and rebuilt their site a number of times.  The goal of this site was to continue to refine their message while maintaining their position as the leader in the fee-only financial planning field. They engaged Spire2 again because of our deep knowledge and understanding of their business. It was a challenge to redesign because their previous site was so effective at generating leads. So this redesign was all about creating a user experience that felt special without being a distraction.

When users land on the homepage, they are welcomed with a dynamic and engaging introduction animation that grabs the user’s attention without being a distraction. This is a much bigger challenge than it appears. The animation had to feel natural and it had to support what made them so unique among fee-only financial planning firms.

We animated the transitions to make the site feel unique and create continuity between the homepage and the rest of the site. Creating subtle effects is very difficult because if they are too quick it feels glitchy and too slow the sight feels sluggish.


Dynamic page transitionsAnimation showing the transition between two pages. Blue dots fill the screen to cover it in a solid color and then retreat, revealing the next page.Icons sliding through the viewportCustom IconsFee levels loading



From the homepage, users are guided to the pricing page. This page highlights their core service levels and pricing based on their clients’ unique situations so potential clients know what to expect. The graphics are a visual presentation that create a link between the price and the level of service.

Screenshots showing the custom fee level breakdown


The team page allows the user to filter advisors by which level they serve to introduce potential clients to the advisors they may be working with.





Diane Cody
Diane Cody
Diane joined the Spire2 team as a graphic designer in 2010. She loves to solve problems through design and is passionate about building marketing campaigns that perform across all platforms.