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How to Grow Your Twitter Followers Organically

By | June 1, 2016

Twitter can be extremely useful to businesses’s communication plans but the prerequisite is having a good following. There are many offers out there essentially selling you more Twitter followers. But bragging about the size of your twitter following is not going to do much for your bottom line. With some hard work and a good strategy, you can grow your Twitter following organically and it get real results. Before you worry about growing a list make sure that you have an inbound marketing strategy in place as the ultimate goal of twitter should be to find and promote your great content and offers.

Here are our 5 tips on how to grow your Twitter followers organically.

1. Reciprocate:

Twitter is all about engagement, and there are certain Twitter courtesies that will make you favorable among your followers. If someone follows you, check their profile and follow them back. By retweeting and mentioning followers in your tweets, you can often gain more followers and retweets yourself.

2. Engage in conversations

By using the search tool, you can easily find conversations that have to do with your products and industry. By engaging in these conversations and offering relevant information, it puts you infront of more twitter followers as a reliable and educated source. Remember to keep conversations personable and less of a sales pitch.

3. Use the right hashtags

If you use the right hashtags, you can incrase the number of your followers. Because your word count is limited, be sure to use relevant and useful hashtags. By keeping up to date on trending and popular hashtags, you can gain a considerable amount of awareness.

4. 80/20 rule: information and branding

Make sure to keep your content within what we call the 80/20 rule: 80% informative and engaging and 20% brand oriented. Remember that Twitter is a platform mainly for socializing and networking, not for sales pitches.

5. Self-promote

Remember to invite people to follow your Twitter page! Post links on your Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram profiles.

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Andrew Coffey
Andrew Coffey