3 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Strategy This Summer with Inbound Marketing

By | May 27, 2016


With the weather getting warmer and summer upon us, it’s time to think about how to improve your inbound marketing and sales practices and efforts.

1. Revise your buyer personas to improve inbound sales.

One of the keys to inbound marketing is delevoping your buyer personas, and the beginning summer is a perfect season to revisit your personas and make sure they still represent your ideal prospect. Be patient, and instead of making your sales more aggressive, be strategic in pinpointing your target audience. Getting to know your buyers in depth will increase your conversions during the sales process.

2. Create a cohesive relationship between your marketing and sales team.

Your marketing teams produce leads for your sales team to close. By joining your marketing and sales teams closer and closer together, they are able to communicate what their buyer personas are and they will be better able to convert leads into customers.

A simlpe way to do this is to set up weekly meeting for your marketing and sales teams to communicate and ensure everyone has the same goals and objectives.

3. Begin a practice of regularly modifying your website.

Your website shouldn’t be visited every 2 or 3 years to be updated and redesigned. Are you consistently tweaking, optimizing, and testing your website?

Most people build a new website based on ideas and theories about what prospects will like. A much more compelling strategy is to start with a smaller website, building and testing as you go so that you can be learning in real time what works, along with spreading out the costs over time.

Summer is not the time to do nothing, but a great time to try something new and make plans to finish the year strong.We can help you makes some S.M.A.R.T. marketing goals with a free template.

S.M.A.R.T. is a methodology that helps you establish concrete and achievable goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Click below to download this free marketing planning template.

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Andrew Coffey
Andrew Coffey