Google Ranks Top Financial Planning Firms’ Websites (Infographic)

By | September 15, 2015

Financial Tech Infographic
Google claims well over 60% of search engine market share. And although many of Google’s ranking factors are private, they have made some public. Not only have they publicized them but also built tools to test the quality of your website.

The Tools

There are two main tools Google has built:

PageSpeed Insights

Page speed insights

Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile Friendly Test

The Hunch

I was reading Barron’s and came across their top financial planners list. We work with many financial planners and I played a hunch that even the top financial planners would have woefully inadequate websites.

We ran the tests and visualized the data. The overall average score for all four factors as failing.

The Response

The typical response to such data is that their website is neither eCommerce nor a large lead-gen tool. While this certainly bears some weight, it misunderstands how people use web properties. Even if the conversion happens offline, one’s website is the first and primary location for learning about a person, company, and brand.

Malcolm Gladwell detailed in Blink that first impressions are made extremely, quickly, accurately, and immutably. And today, the large majority of first impressions are web impressions.

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John Higgins
John Higgins