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Digital marketing has changed a lot. Surprisingly, it has not changed the effectiveness of direct mail. There is simply no substitute for holding a piece of mail, feeling its texture, and opening the folds to discover. Just for fun, we have put together some infographics to illustrate the data that demonstrates that direct mail is […]

Here is not a Website

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In the beginning, the web was was for information transfer. In large part because those were the constraints of the technology. Although our technology has wildly advanced, our conception of the purpose of the web has not changed in the minds of many. “A website is where you tell people about your brand” many will […]

Why Your Content Sucks; or, The Future of Content

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Content Marketing is at this point an old buzz-word. The importance of content production is old hat. Many marketers, however, do not see the traffic or conversions promised by such production. Mere content does not by itself attract attention. Content must have the following properties: Quality Specificity Seriality Consistency Visual 1—Quality Blah, blah. We know. […]

The New Printing Press and Other Good News

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What do these have in common: YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world At the end of last year, Instagram surpassed Twitter in number of users In web design, the hero image (and its various permutations) have dominated the landscape Visual cognition and communication are quickly wriggling their way into into the […]