Direct Marketing Examples: A gift for you. Where does print fit in the electronic world?

By | June 25, 2010


I am a big fan of electronic communication, and I believe it is the center of an organization’s brand. When consulting on web development projects, I have recommended that organizations consider how the online world interacts with the execution of their mission instead of thinking about their website as a place to communicate what they are doing.

Yet I am more excited about print work than ever. Why, you might ask? Isn’t print just going away? Yes, many forms of printed communication have been effectively converted to electronic channels. But print still has a place. A more special place.

I think of print as a marketing gift to your target audience. What can I create that will be perceived as something special to be received? In a world where so much of communication is electronic, a printed piece perceived as a gift makes a huge impact. Two years ago, I was asked to use quotes of grateful students in a year-end appeal. Instead of sprinkling quotes on a brochure, I made the quotes into a little book (just one color on the cover and two colors for the body to keep costs down). We spent a couple of hundred dollars more for production, but it more thanpaid for it in ROI. The response rate and giving beat the previous year.

Another reason to be excited about print

Many are mistakenly focusing exclusively on electronic channels to communicate. This makes those who are using printed communication stand out more and receive a better response. When I counsel start-ups, I always suggest that they include some printing in their marketing budget. I wouldn’t recommend an overview brochure, but I would take the time to celebrate a holiday other than Christmas with a special mailed greeting or invest in custom note cards if you will commit to using them.

As central as electronic communication is to an organziation, do not forget to include some print communication. Everyone responds well to gifts.

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Jeffery James
Jeffery James
Jeffery is the Creative Director and Principal of Spire2. He brings marketing expertise from a variety of industries. He excels at understanding clients' corporate objectives, translating them into brand positioning and executing marketing materials that exceed expectations.