3 Things Your Next Nonprofit Marketing Agency Must Have

By | January 25, 2016


As you grow and develop your nonprofit it will soon become imperitive to market effectively and efficiently. And in order to do this, its valuable to use the marketing knowledge from experts in the field. Hiring a marketing agency for your nonprofit can seem daunting, but here are 3 things your next nonprofit marketing agency must have.

1. They can get you results

This might be an obvious one, but its so crutical that the marketing agency you hire thinks about your big picture as much your individual project. Do they have a process to help you make sure you are focusing on right activities to get a return on investment. The right agency should be asking you questions instead of just showing you pretty pieces. You want an agency that has experience working with other nonprofits and a track record of getting measurable results. If they have helped their past clients succeed and flourish, then odds are they will be able to do the same for you.

Also make sure they have a wide breadth of expertise and knowledge. Do they have experience in design, web development, digital strategy, creative strategy, branding, copywriting, and content development?

2. Your values align

You run or work at a nonprofit, and you are passionate about what you do and value. Its so important that you find an agency who can share that same passion with you. How can an agency help you grow if they don’t value or believe in the work you are doing? The best results come from people who are motivated and passionate with shared values, and if an agency doesn’t appreciate the work your nonprofit does, then its probably not the right fit.

3. They can they effectively brand your non-profit

Many agencies offer a lot of services which can help your business grow, but so often the importance of branding is overlooked. Fundamentally, an effective brand is the most important thing you want your marketing agency to create for you.  Your brand is your nonprofit’s identity, image, and it’s what people think when they hear about and see your nonprofit.

Your agency should be able to give you a brand that can illustrate the amazing work you do, and to determine whether or not they can do this, look at past examples. With a little bit of digging on the internet, you can learn a lot. Look at the agency’s clients social media pages, and their websites.  Can they effectively brand a business?

Andrew Coffey
Andrew Coffey